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I Am Confidently Me

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Confidence Boost: 7 Tips to Uplift Yourself When You’re Feeling Down

We all have those days when we’re feeling down about ourselves and our confidence is lower than usual.  It can be difficult to lift ourselves back up, especially when we’ve experienced a change that has impacted us.  I’ve been experiencing Read more…

I Should Be…But I’m Not

How many of you have ever thought or said any of the following to yourself? “I should be more _____.” “Why can’t I be a _____ person?” “I wish I could be less ______.” *slowly raises hand* I would imagine Read more…

My Confidence Journey

I have always been a child with a big personality. I loved to laugh. I loved to dance. I loved eating sweets and had a big smile. I loved to wear sweats, and I loved dressing up. And yes, I’ve Read more…