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Welcome to the blog!

How to Find Good in Challenging Times

We can all agree that 2020 sucked and we can’t wait to start the new year. But have you taken a moment to think about the good that came from it too?

When you’re going through a challenging time, it definitely sucks. While you’re in it you’re most likely not looking for the positives, but once you’ve gotten past it you can step back and reflect on what you went through.

In most struggles (not all, but most) there is good to be found. We often come out on the other side with new wisdom, strength, clarity, etc. Use the questions below to help you parse out something positive from a recent challenge you experienced.

  • What did I learn?
  • What did I stop?
  • What did I start?
  • What am I proud of?
  • What am I grateful for?
  • How did I change & grow?
  • What challenges did I overcome?

I will use myself and the entire year of 2020 to model how I find good things from a really tough year.

What did I learn?

2020 was the year I became a mother for the first time.  I learned sooooo much about caring for a baby and also caring for myself. A major lesson I learned is that I’m stronger than my fears. I had so many fears about giving birth and being a mom, and I have overcome all of them. Yes there are hard days, but I still made it through and am a stronger woman for it.

What did I stop?

I stopped trying to pack my days with so many tasks. I came to the realization that there simply isn’t enough time in the day to do it all, and that is ok! 2020 has taught many of us the beauty in slowing down and doing less.

What did I start?

I started looking at my self-care in a new light. It was no longer just about getting my nails done or resting on the couch (though yes I still do those things). It also became about listening to my mind, body, and soul and getting in tune with what I needed in that moment. Sometimes that was a nap, other times it was just silence and having time to myself for 30 minutes. I now have many ways that I practice self-care thanks to this year.

What am I proud of?

I’m proud of being a mom. It may seem like a simple thing, but other mothers know what I’m talking about. It is hard work and I am more in tune with myself as a woman because of it.

What am I grateful for?

The biggest thing I’m grateful for this year is the health of my family. 2020 has really shown me how vital our health is and I give thanks to God every day that my family is healthy and alive.

How did I change & grow?

One way that I’ve changed & grown this year is in setting more boundaries in order to protect my peace and energy. Due to the pandemic, I started working from home and had to learn how to adjust to a new schedule that would allow me to be there for my son and maintain my own sanity. I was afraid to set boundaries before, but now I know how important they are.

What challenges did I overcome?

I could make a whole list of challenges I overcame this year: childbirth during a pandemic, breastfeeding, working from home and learning how to do virtual school (I work in education), and getting through the many many many sad days that occurred this year are just a few. 


Now it’s your turn! 

Grab a pen and paper and take 30 minutes to write out your own answers to these questions.  I hope that by the end, you will be able to identify a few good things that occurred this year and that you will feel proud of yourself for making it through!

*Note: These questions can also be used to process a specific situation or challenging experience, not just to reflect on an entire year.  Come back to these any time you’re going through something hard and you need help to see the good in it.


Comment Below: What is something good that has come out of a challenging time for you?

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  • This post has caused me to stop and pause. I think about what I’ve learned, and more specifically what I’ve learned about my relationship with God and about my own inner strength which comes from God, Thank you for this time of reflection.

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