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I Am Confidently Me

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What I’m Keeping in 2021

“Out with the old and in with the new” is a phrase many are familiar with, and it’s a perfect depiction of how we approach transitioning into a new year. We talk about what we’re leaving in the old year Read more…

What 2020 taught me about self-love

Two years ago, I wrote a post on what 2018 taught me about confidence, so I thought I would bring back that theme and reflect on what this past year has taught me about self-love. 2020 was the year we Read more…

What 2018 Taught Me About Confidence

You know how when you declare something to the universe, it throws it right back at you to see what you’re truly made of? That’s what I experienced in 2018. I launched this blog and made writing about loving oneself Read more…