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Welcome to the blog!

Crying is a Form of Self-Care

The act of crying gets a bad rep in our society. Many are taught that it’s a sign of weakness and we’re told to toughen up.  Sure, there are times when we want (or need) to put on a brave face, but that is not all the time. There are also times when we need to allow ourselves to cry.

I consider crying to be a form of self-care because our mind, body, and spirit have emotions that need to be released. So often, when we think of self-care we only think of ways to relax and rejuvenate.  What about allowing ourselves to heal or grieve?  

When we cry, we are expressing something from within that needs to get out.  It can be sadness, anger, pain, or even happiness (shedding  tears of joy).  Crying allows us to acknowledge and process how we feel, which is so important for taking care of ourselves.

In my own life, I cry all the time.  I consider it my healthy release and I always feel better afterwards.  I prefer to cry alone, but I do have some trusted loved ones who also allow me to be vulnerable.  There are instances though, where I catch myself holding back tears in the name of being strong.  When I’ve suppressed it long enough, I know that it’s time for an ugly cry session.  I like to have those in the car, while listening to my “Emotions” playlist that I compiled of songs that help my tears flow.  Check them out and see if any help you connect with your own feelings.

If you don’t allow yourself time and space to cry, then you may be bottling up your feelings which can lead to resentment, an explosive outburst, or even looking for an unhealthy way to avoid your emotions.  Instead, give yourself a private moment and let your tears fall.  You will be surprised how cleansing it can feel.


Comment Below: What are your thoughts on crying?  Are you someone who is comfortable with crying or do you have another outlet for your emotions?

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To learn more about the benefits of crying from a professional perspective, check out this post from Psychology Today and this article from CNN.

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